The alarm pings at 5am, I hit snooze twice and by 5.30am I am usually shuffling around in the kitchen, kettle on and ready to power up.

I choose this time because it’s quiet. Just me and the cat, in fact.

No children, no husband – just silence. And it’s a beautiful thing. Yes really.

Over the years I have trialled many working techniques to get a head start on the day – late nights, long days and really early morning finishes.

I know I’m not alone in doing this either.

As a mum first and business woman second, time is precious – we all know that we have the same hours in the day as each other and for me it’s maximising the time that works for me, to take my business from just coasting to ramping it up to the next level – and those extra hours pay dividends.

Now some could scoff and say what’s going wrong for you to work so late or so early? Aren’t you prioritising? Not managing your time correctly?

I get it, but coasting is comfortable, coasting is doing okay and coasting doesn’t work for my business. I have an insatiable desire to be moving forward, always.

Truth is, I do map out my week and prioritise daily actions – I just choose to do more because I like to.

I love my business, it’s a part of my family that I choose to keep close, but it’s also about not resting on my laurels as a business owner.

Always pushing forward, always researching the next ‘thing’ and of course, seeing what stories are out there that I can use as inspiration for my PR and marketing clients.

5.30am may not work for everyone – and occasionally I choose to lie in. But those beautiful early mornings, the distant sound of the birds outside somehow channels my energy to move things forward and improve the infrastructure of my business so that I’m doing everything but coasting.

I guess it’s just how I roll.

Top tips to stop coasting:

  1. What your big goal? Map it out and work closer to it each day, even if it does mean putting in the hours.
  2. Push yourself out there. Not met any new contacts recently? Fallen out of love with strategic networking? Do the research, unchain yourself from the desk and step away from the office like you used to.
  3. Surround yourself with mentors, likeminded people and be open to taking advice.
  4. Read a magazine or an article that inspires you – we’re all ‘too busy’ to read these days – but we’re actually not, really.
  5. Buy or download a book that inspires you – I lost myself in a book store a few weeks ago and vowed I would take myself off there again in another six months
  6. Take some time out to figure for yourself how you can shift-up a gear in your business. Points1-5 are all quite generic – only you know your business and can begin to get really specific on your actions.

Good luck!