When it comes to technology, we’re always up for experiencing anything new and love getting to know the latest and greatest apps. However, since a new year means a fresh start, as a team we have decided to streamline the apps on our phones as there are just too many that aren’t adding value. One that is, however, is WhatsApp.

For a more streamlined approach to business (and social) communications, we are therefore taking all messages through WhatsApp now and we’re seeing it more in our day-to-day communication with clients and those looking for coaching.

While there will always be a time and a place for email, and of course Whatsapp can never replace actually picking up the phone to discuss something, since the switch we have noticed a few business bonuses which have led us to recommend the following:

Everything is getting sorted quicker

Since it’s such an instant form of communication, we find it a much more straightforward way to respond to clients in real time, as well as them to us, and as a result actions are getting agreed upon and set into motion quicker than ever before.

All our clients use it too

Yes, there may be apps out there with more bells and whistles, but we think they are much more suited to inter-company communications where everyone has had a chance to be trained up. WhatsApp can send messages, photos, videos and files, and really that’s all it’s ever used for. ‘Convenient’ additions to these can end up being a waste of a client’s time, especially if it’s going to take another 30 minutes to explain every non-essential feature.

It’s less formal

The personal touch and more immediate interaction afforded by instant messaging is often worth much more than signing off a quick confirmation email with a few hundred formalities.

Its features are super convenient

Two recent examples we’ve discovered are the options to export and email whole conversations (so you can switch to email seamlessly) and the ability to pin your most important conversations, so no time is wasted scrolling.

WhatsApp have also announced their 2018 business app, so while we like what we’re working with, we probably won’t be able to resist at least trying it out – so if you do want a few more features they may well still have you covered.

At Chorus we love WhatsApp so shoot us a message!