Are you tempted by the dynamism video offers? Or perhaps you’re using it already!

Either way, here at Chorus Communications we’ve certainly been watching with interest as the demand for video based content seems to be growing exponentially. Facebook has even coined the term ‘Video First’ to describe the strong trend for both consuming and producing content in this format.

This makes sense; personally, I can’t begin to imagine how many videos I’ve watched this year, even just accidentally in my timeline – and we’re barely into 2018! So, to start the year off right, here are some of the developments we can expect from the medium, and how we can benefit:

Live video

Various platforms estimate around 10-20% of their video traffic can be attributed to live content. It’s an appealing method, as for a lower investment (lack of editing/production) you can appear much more genuine and in-touch with your audience. Viewers are also likely to stay with you for longer than pre-made content.

Don’t forget stories either – social media platforms certainly haven’t, most notably YouTube is now bringing out their own version. You only need a quick behind the scenes shot to make your brand that little bit more compelling.

Mobile Integration

As smartphone technology and Wi-Fi connections improve, more of us are streaming through our phones than ever before. If you wish to catch part of this audience, you’ll need to consider the functionality – for starters a square format integrates better with social media, and many users keep the sound off so you may want to add subtitles.

Shareable content

Smartphones are also the user-base that you should focus on for maximum sharing potential, so make it as easy and obvious to do so as possible on a range of devices. Making informative videos is an easy way to get shares while also establishing your brand’s authority on a subject (as well as pushing whoever makes it to really get to grips with the topic as well!) Go for something short and sweet – any unnecessary digression is an opportunity for your audience to click away.

Experimental Techniques

As technology continues to surprise us, the game is on to see who can create the most innovative content. Expect trends from aerial drone shots to augmented reality to 360-degree video all to continue from their 2017 strength, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative. If you’re finding a shot exciting, then it’s more likely your audience will too!

Feeling ready to step in for your directorial debut? Chorus Communications are ready to guide you every step of the way (or even take the pressure off and sort it out for you if video still isn’t quite your cup of tea!)