Targeted Direct Mail

If you are considering a direct mail campaign for your business, but not sure it’s worth the investment, we can help. Even with the wide range of digital advertising platforms available today, the significant benefits of direct mail marketing make it an appealing and extremely viable option.

Direct mail

  • Boasts better response rates than some social media ads
  • Gains greater visibility for your brand
  • Allows for highly innovative creative opportunities
  • Enables you to communicate a product or service succinctly
  • Increases sales leads

For an all-inclusive fee we will create a uniquely-tailored marketing campaign that communicates the right message to your targeted audience – and that’s where our expertise comes in to play.

Our process is simple and straightforward and includes:

  • A kick-start brainstorm meeting – we talk through a series of questions to understand your end result
  • Delivery of different campaign themes – we’re creative and like to demonstrate it in everything we do
  • Create compelling words than convert – simple, effective and absolutely no waffle
  • Full design, branding and print – all under one roof to get the job done
  • Packaging – from simple flyers, to stand-out creative designs that reflect your product or service
  • Target audiences – we work with you to understand who they are, where they are and whether they are likely to buy
  • Timing – whether you have a short deadline or a long-lead, we will work together to ensure we reach your audience when you most need to
  • Results – we are able to track results and feed them back to you within 5 days of the mailer

As we are registered with the ICO for Data Protection you can be sure that your data is used properly and legally.

What’s more, the direct mail campaign can integrate with your social media, can be weaved into your website or blog and we can even help with follow up calls too.