Me, me, me! All too often we see and hear social media posts about people, places and things from the same individual or company…and that’s fine as long as there is this thing called balance.

If you’re looking to maximise your online following on any social media platform, according to a study conducted by Rutger’s University, the majority of us limit ourselves by making it all about… ourselves.

The study split Twitter users between two categories, the ‘Informers’ – users whose posts were focussed on sharing information, and the ‘Meformers’ – those who tended to post about their own lives.

While Informers only make up 20%, this is the style that created a significantly greater following, as well as naturally seeming to create a lot more community interaction.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t share your big achievements and remove the personality from your online presence, after all we all value a personal touch.

Yet hour by hour life updates can be read as self-indulgent, so instead, create an online space where people can go for advice, links to quality articles and news updates – in short, share the love, your knowledge or advice. Be an Informer, and watch as your follower count doubles.

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