I know, I know.

You’ve a million and one things to do and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get the first few jobs ticked off the list let alone think about writing a blog or two.

But don’t despair.

If you know you should be writing them weekly (subtle reminder) but can’t seem to muster up the energy then why not outsource?

Outsourcing is something we all do on occasions – whether it’s ironing,cleaning or even shampooing the dog – it takes the pressure off the to-do list and immediately provides some respite.

The perfect blog is usually 500 words+, includes a good dose of keywords and a smattering of hyperlinks (note the ones in this post) for good measure and added value.

In theory, it sounds like a synch. But, it takes time and if like me, you’ve a busy household and business to run, time isn’t our friend.

Thankfully, at Chorus Comms we love blogging and whilst this particular post isn’t going to be 500 words long, why not allow the Chorus team to write two, yes two x 500 word blogs for you for just £79?

Send us a brief and we shall turn each blog around for you in two working days – you can then post one immeditely and bank the other for a rainy day.

We’re speedy quality writers and do this kind of thing in our sleep, ensuring each of our clients’ keywords are intermingled with the right tone of voice.

So if you’re not a natural writer or you just don’t have the time, send us your briefs this month and we’ll get cracking.

It could just be the best £79 you’ve spent.