It has been over a hundred years since International Women’s Day first came about. It is predicted to be another hundred until the gender pay gap is no more.

Although it’s been an… interesting year, there has been a promising step forward, especially when we look back to where we were just 12 months ago. Change is happening now, and while we support the ladies taking it to the streets, there are plenty of ways to join the cause in your own office.

Lift each other up

Too often the media sells the main opponent of women’s success as women themselves. Here at Chorus we’re a little sceptical. Regardless, we refuse to be crabs in a bucket. One woman’s success paves the way for future generations.

We know if we want our daughters to live in a fairer world, the changes need to come now. Everyone should be in charge of their own destiny, and Chorus Communications has taken this to heart.

Connection, collaboration, cohesion

That’s our ethos; fully focussed on making meaningful connections. PR and marketing are industries built upon these concepts, and research has shown that it is women who tend more towards this collaborative thinking.

Diverse perspectives are also a great thing, but integral in PR and marketing. We need fresh ideas, to appeal to hard to reach demographics. Perhaps this explains why we are seeing more women thrive in this specific sector.

Women mean business

Is there a noticeable difference when working with women? Obviously, we come in a full range of skills and personalities so we won’t generalise too much!

What we do feel is that we share a natural affinity: our team wants to see each other succeed. That’s why Chorus has been genuinely excited by the uptick in female entrepreneurs we’ve been seeing lately.

That’s not to say all is rosy. While the UK is improving, it’s not fast enough. In fact, the most recent Women in Work Index shows we have actually dropped down the rankings for countries by female economic independence. We also have lower expectations for salary than men in every sector across the board, as we don’t want to be seen as bossy or demanding.


We are always looking to find new and innovative solutions for businesses, and get genuinely excited when we’re approached by female-led brands. Connect with us so we can expand both of our networks!