For some non-football-loving business owners, the World Cup is a great opportunity to escape – time to dedicate a full 90 minutes doing those things that you’ve perhaps been putting off for a while, or something that just seems to get placed at the bottom of the to-do list, week after week.

But having done some research amongst clients, colleagues and friends, there’s an awful lot that can be packed into those valuable footballing moments of pleasure and pain.

Here are ten of the most popular:


1.     Although most of us strive to be paperless, those pesky sheets of paper seem to creep up on us before we’ve even turned our back, so dedicate some time to getting the filing sorted.


2.     Man’s best friend. If you have a four-legged friend who is usually limited to a 20-minute walk on most days (the average time for a UK dog walk, apparently), treat them to an outdoor adventure and clear the head of any business worries.


3.     Goals (not the footballing ones!). Set yourself some life goals – that’s right, LIFE goals. Always wanted to go on a wellness retreat, shed a few pounds or afford that luxury gym membership? Set your goal, write it down and plot how you can get there. And whether that’s ditching the weekly latte or walking instead of taking the lift, a goal is only a wish without a plan.


4.     Goals #2 (not the footballing ones!). Set yourself a business goal – as above…but for your business. Objective setting and forecasting is so important and shouldn’t really be left as a to-do during the World Cup.


5.     Get social. Plan your social media and schedule it. Whilst at Chorus Comms we like to combine scheduling tools as well as live, impromptu posts, we believe in the best of both worlds so think of what’s coming up for your business in a few weeks’ time and plan accordingly.


6.     Read. Not your favourite novel (although if you want to, go for it) but the press you want to be in – that way you get to understand what’s trending in your area of expertise.


7.     Conversation. Don’t forget about Twitter – it’s hugely valuable for business networking and spotting who is talking about what.


8.     Look. Analyse how well your website is doing and tweak changes where necessary.


9.     Competitors. Whilst we hate impostor syndrome, it is important to keep a distant eye on what your competitors are up to, so perhaps dedicate a proportion of those valuable 90 minutes to doing a spot of market research.


10.  Team. If you work with a team that does enjoy the football, kick back and watch it with them – it could be a great team-building exercise.


Whatever you’re up to this World Cup season, enjoy the ride and use the time wisely to you own advantage. Come on England!