…and how if I did more yoga the picture of me would be much better! A blog from me.

You know the deal, you’re happily going along the path of life nicely, balancing work and children like a pro and then boom! Something stops you in your tracks. Well, a damned horse fly did that to me this week.

As an outdoorsy semi-fit kinda gal, I got bitten mid way through a squat jump at around 6.30am on beautiful sunny morning.

I won’t bore you with tales of woe about my blisters and how they’re making my legs swell like a MF but here’s the thing…the bite made me stop working, gave me plenty of thinking time and introduced me to a few people who I would never have had the time of day for before.

Relaxed in hospital surroundings and with a sea of faces staring at my cocoon-like blister of doom, I decided to make conversation with someone, yes conversation!

It was a silent room of vacant looking faces and as hospital wifi is more akin to dial up, I couldn’t bury my head in my phone or stare for any longer.

I met two ladies who had very different stories to tell; the first – a lovely lady undergoing treatment for breast cancer…fit, healthy, slim, attractive, no smoker and not a big drinker either. Her ‘dead’ arm had brought her to hospital after having a mastectomy six weeks ago. The second, an older lady who had lived with an iron deficiency for 11 years and relies on blood donations to keep her energy levels up and her body working properly.

Reflecting on the last few days of actually quite a pleasant hospital experience, here’s what I’ve learned:

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

A popular phrase, I know, but really think about what you’re worrying about. If it isn’t life-threatening get some perspective. My blisters are ugly af but my legs will be back to normal pretty soon. I’ve had to put a few clients on hold this week and each and every one has been lovely and supportive. The lady with breast cancer is living each day for the now. Positive and optimistic, she has her good and bad days understandably but my god she was a force to be reckoned with – her parting words to me were ‘mind over matter’. If you believe that something good will happen or change, it will. Just keep thinking positively about everything and it will help you through.

  1. Talk

Relationships are fundamental in life and whether someone’s in your life for a day, a season or a lifetime, it takes effort from both sides.

Back to the hospital waiting room and out the corner of my eye, I noticed that when in conversation with those ladies last week, everyone else seemed to be listening in too – it’s natural to want to know about someone, of course, so instead of sitting on the sidelines, when the time and situation are both right, strike up a chat. It feels good…unless they’re a bit weird (and in that case avoid at all costs!)

  1. Lighten up

I can’t polish the turd that is my blister but at the moment it’s a part of my body that I have to accept for the time being. With Insta perfection filtering into our every day lives and putting pressure on everyone, especially young people, keep telling your children or young family members to accept and love who they are and move on. There’s really more important things in life than that out-of-place eye lash or which eyebrow has more definition than the other. Yawn.

  1. Be grateful

Got your health? Be grateful. Can you walk and talk? Be grateful. You get it. Health is wealth, people and if you know someone who isn’t as lucky, be kind and helpful. A school mum this week took the boys off my hands for five hours, yep, five long hours! With two ageing grandparents knackered from doing their share of child minding this week, I was so grateful for this kind gesture.

  1. Think about life much?

It’s on my mind all the time. Perhaps a sign of getting older, who knows? We’re here for a fraction of time so make the most of it. Don’t put off things, meet people, do more, see more and repeat.

I’m no mentor or life coach, these are just my thoughts from the past few days.

Over and out from me and the blister.