Valentine’s day is here and love is in the air – we’ve seen both the endearingly heartfelt confessions and the cheesy last-minute greetings cards this morning. However, here at Chorus we’re celebrating with a little bit of self TLC, starting with flowers.

We spend too much of our lives at work to not take every opportunity to brighten our own day. The blooms look great in the office, but just like any good relationship, we need more than a bouquet on Valentine’s to flourish. Here are our tips for keeping the romance alive:

The office feel-good factor

Take time out at lunch-time. We’ve all worked through lunch, but it’s a habit that should be saved for real deadline emergencies. It’s been proven time and again that the brain works better when it’s had a chance to completely refresh. A walk outside can give you a real boost in the afternoon, but really any short change of scenery is better than eating al-desko.

Have a heart-to-heart every now and again. If you work in a job where every day is busy it can be easy to skip this step, but checking in every now and again is good for both office morale and keeping everyone up-to-date with any potential issues.

Flowers: Not just for Valentine’s Day

The flowers idea is no joke. Spare a thought for hay fever sufferers by not going overboard, but both the sight and smell of a floral arrangement can have positive effects on mood and well-being.

For the rest year make sure to have at least some greenery around. Humans thrive in nature so keep windows fairly unobstructed for natural light. This is especially key for those of us in a British climate!

Pay attention to colour and employee feedback on what works – often a lick of paint and rearranged desk can make all the difference.

Show clients love too

At Chorus we believe in balance – we can run an upbeat office whilst never letting our clients slip from first priority. Want some advice that has never failed us? Keep track of industry news! By keeping proactive and following trends we’ve been able to stay ahead. Stale chocolates aren’t good enough for Valentine’s day and a stale story just isn’t good for business.

Don’t forget 11th March is National Singles Day. If you’re a small business operating alone without any media support, join our lovely media team at Chorus Comms!