Like most people, I’m constantly bombarded with things I need to learn, articles I need to read, podcasts I need to listen to, home/work jobs I need to schedule and ways in which I need to constantly improve. It’s exhausting just thinking about it, and this ‘need to do’ makes for a cluttered life.

To be consistent, it’s important to be selective and essentially, take a step back each week (usually a Friday) to focus on what matters most, what’s urgent and what’s important for the week ahead.

You’ve no doubt read them before but to reiterate, here are my top seven tips when striving for consistency:

  1. Break down the big tasks

Long-term goals and projects should never just be one item on the to-do list. Break them down into more detailed plans, and figure out what steps you can take right now.

  1. Streamline your email

All that should be in your inbox are emails that you need to take action on – everything else can be organised into folders or deleted/unsubscribed. If possible, try and deal with emails the first time you see them to keep it efficient.

  1. Know what you’re doing next week

Planning your schedule, being specific, and sticking to deadlines are all hallmarks of being successful. Ensure everything is prioritised, to-do lists created and think about the times of day when you’re most efficient to get jobs done. Doing this on a Friday is, in fact, ideal as you don’t have to waste any of your weekend pondering on when to do what.

  1. Keep it relevant

With so much information available to us these days, it’s tempting to be a jack of all trades, master of none. When selecting podcasts and articles for the commute, put a priority on your industry or interests, and very quickly feel the benefits of being ahead of the pack.

  1. Get good at saying ‘no’

It’s a cliche I know! But saying yes to everything often leads to being ineffective. Push back when you can and keep your own priorities front of mind.

  1. Go paperless

Use apps like Slack, Wunderlist or ListWrangler to keep notes off paper – you’ll very quickly not live without them in your business or social life!

  1. Cut out the clutter

Spring clean your physical workspace – throw out the unnecessary, organise your filing system and even do some actual cleaning – trust me on this, it’s therapeutic! This, along with a nice plant or two will do wonders for your mental state. Oh and did I mention a meditation app to zone out when you need to?! I’ll stop now!